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Orient Drugstore Co. (ODS), was established in 1952 as licensed importers and distributors of pharmaceutical and medical products. It is a private property business, run by a board of directors:


  Dr. Taher Shakhshir   General Manager (B.Sc.Pharmacy).

  Dr. Shukri Shakhshir   Medical Promotion Manager (Ph.D Pharmacy).

  Dr. Afaf Shakhshir      Member of Board (B.Sc.Pharmacy).

  Eng. Amin Shakhshir  Member of Board (M.Sc. Civil Engineering)


ODS is dedicated to a comprehensive strategy that involves a long term partnership with its principle supplier. Its objective is to become leaders in the filed it represents by using focused, creative and determined vision of the future.


ODS has the following main departments:

  • Administration & finance

  • Logistics

  • Sales, Marketing and Business development

  • Paramedical

  • Registration.







Pharmacy sector:


BMS (Bristol Myers Squibb), USA

UCB Pharma, Belguim

Schwarz Pharma, Germany

Menarini Intl, Italy

ICN Pharmaceuticals, USA

Pharmila (Eye Drops), Italy


Paramedical Sector:


Willy Rush, Germany

Waitch, Japan

Labomed, Italy

Biocampatible (cardio vascular coronary stints)


Cosmetics & Perfumery Sector:


Houbigant, France

Beverly Hills, USA

Darphin, France


 Disinfectants & Detergents Sector:


Laboratories Anios, France





             Tel: +962 06 4652000

             Fax: +962 06 5669201

             P.O.Box: 590 Amman 11118 Jordan




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