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Dr. Alia Nsour


Dr. Alia Al-Nsour obtained her BDS in Dentistry from the University of Jordan in 1989 and her Certificate in Periodontology from the University of Connecticut in USA in 1993. Dr. Nsour joined Faculty of Dentistry of Jordan University in 1993 as a lecturer and specialist in periodontology till 2000. Now Dr. Nsour is practicing at her private clinic at 3rd circle and works as a part time lecturer in University of Jordan.

 Periodontist              Top

 Who Is Periodontist?

Is a dentist who is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases " Gum Diseases"

 Periodontal Diseases or Gum Diseases:

Is the major cause of a bout 70% of adult tooth loss, the main cause of gum disease is bacterial plaque "sticky colorless film that constantly form on your teeth" if plaque is not removed it hardens into a rough deposit called calculus, toxins produced by the bacteria in plaque irritates the gum and can make them red, tender, swollen & more likely to bleed easily. As the disease progresses the toxins destroy supporting tissues around the teeth forming pockets that fill with more plaque unless treated, the affected teeth can become loose & eventually lost. Also current research links periodontal infection to more serious problems such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Signs and Symptomes:

Bleeding gum especially upon brushing
Red swollen gum
Bad breath
Bad taste
Etching sensation of the gum (might feel the urge to dig something between the teeth to induce bleeding of gum)
Mobility of teeth
Gum recession
Increase spaces between teeth

 Treatment              Top

That Depends on your individual condition, if your priodontal disease is in its early stages preventive oral hygien instruction along with scaling and root planing may be all that's necessary.
Scaling and root planing is non-surgical technique that removes plaque and tartar from below the gum line with especially - designed instruments.

For many patients with mild to moderate periodontal disease, scaling and root planing along with good oral hygiene and routine periodontal examinations is all that's needed, mildly moderate to more advanced periodontal iseases may require surgery.

Other techniques may be used to treat your disease, for example, if gum recession has occured exposing the tooth root, gum grafts can be used to prevent furhter recession and sometimes even re-cover the tooth or if sever bone loss around some of your teeth, special techniques may be attempted to replace bone lost to the disease.

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