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Dr. Fathieh Suadi

A board certified pediatrician, committed to the development of the mother and child well being in community health care programs, especially among refugees and families in difficult situations.
Have special interest in promoting mother and child status as being an integral part of population development through activities related to primary health care, child health and psychology, health education, empowerment of women, reproductive health, nutrition… etc.
Have worked extensively with several non-governmental and international health organizations, in the field of different health care programs and services, as well as in training, management and educational programs.
Author-translator-editor of several books as well as information-Education- Communication (IEC) materials. In addition, have aquierd as president of the F?JMA and board member of the Arab Forum for social sciences and health a good experience in organizing conferences related to health issues in the Arab region as well as fund raising and public relations .
Have conducted extensive field research in the areas related to child health and social development.
Have participated in various peace missions with NGOs in Lebanon, Iraq, USA, and the Western Sahara.
Recipient of three Awards including one awarded by President Jacques Chirac of France.

 Qualifications              Top

1982-1985  Certificate of Higher Studies in Pediatrics,
  French Board of Pediatrics University of Paris, Paris- France.
1978-1979  Diploma of preventive and social Pediatrics
  University of Paris V, Paris- France.
1969-1977 Doctorate in Medicine (Doctorat d'Etat en Medecine)
  University of Paris VI, Paris- France.

 Experience                Top


  • 1999 -up to present
  • Pediatrician, Ministry of Health, Amman- Jordan.
    -Working as pediatrician in a specialized clinic, which is a pilot project designed to offer  services for the government employees.

  • 1995 October

  • Project Advisor for Nursing School in the Sahraoui refugee camps. Medico International, Berlin-Germany.
    -Evaluating the social and health conditions of the Sahraoui refugee Camps in south  Algeria.
    -Planning for a nursing school (Program, choice of trainees, training or trainers, IEC  materials, student needs, follow up, pedagogic aspects, etc…).

  • 1991 - 1999

  • Director, pediatric clinic,
    Writing, editing and translating health educational materials,
    President of the Jordanian- French Medical Association, Amman-Jordan.
    -Operating a private clinic for therapeutic and preventive pediatrics.
    -Serving as resource for health education and raising awareness in health related issues  for families.
    -Writing, editing and translating several health materials such as :
    * translation of the book " The Normal Child" which is a health manual of 712 pages.
    * Writing of a health educational book " Child Health, A Mother's Guide".

  • 1998- up to present

  • Board member of the Arab Forum for Social Sciences and Health.
    -This Forum is a pan- Arab collective interested in promoting contacts and activities  between people working in health as well as those working in social sciences. The forum  has organized a number of conferences through the Arab countries.
    -Attending the board meetings, and participating in general policies and programs.

  • 1990- up to present

  • Advisor, ALMADA Publishing House.
    -Participating in the supervision of translations, editing, publishing, of books published by  ALMADA, both in the fields of health.

  • 1991 May

  • Jordanian Representative in the USA Women mission for peace in the Middle East, USA.
    -Participating in an international mission organized by Madre that covered 14 cities in  the USA to explain the importance of peace in the Middle East. This mission included  meetings with NGOs, public meetings, TV and radio interviews, meeting with Congress  representatives and with UN General Secretary Mr. Perez de Cuillar.

  • 1991 August

  • Jordanian Representative, International Women For Peace.
    Baghdad- Irak.
    -Participating in an international mission to Irak to analyze the situation of women and  children, and the implications of armed conflict on these sectors of the population. This  mission was presided by Mrs. Margarita Papandreou. Several meetings were organized  with popular institutions and ministries.

  • 1990

  • Programme Advisor and writer, Institute for Specialized Nurses.
    Amman- Jordan.
    -Writing a training health manual for the training of postgraduate nurses, covering12  major subjects (including growth and development, infectious diseases, vaccinations,  family planning… etc). The Jordanian Ministry of Health and US Aid sponsored this  Programme.
    -Lecturing for the students on some of the above-mentioned subjects.

  • 1989 October

  • Touring Swedish health institutions
    Ministry of Foreign affaires-Sweden.
    -Visiting different health centers and hospitals to observe the Swedish health programs,  mainly in the field of preventive health. Meetings with several NGOs working on child  health

  • 1988-1989

  • Advisor, writer and trainer, UNICEF MENA Region Office and Jordan Area Program.
    -Reviewing and adapting the EPI,CDD and IMR survey in French for Djbouti program.
    -Writing health manual in Arabic entitled:" Child Health: A mother's guide" which was  distributed to all institutions concerned with child health and was used in several  training courses.
    -Organizing and participating in several health education programs for NGOs in Jordan.

  • 1986-1988

  • Director of mother and child unit, Institute of Child Health
    Swedish Radda Barnen. Sweileh- Jordan.
    -Developing strategies for a pilot clinic, which includes MCH center, developmental unit,  psychology unit and laboratory, to be adopted in Jordan and abroad.
    -Developing and implementing special programmes for screening of child development,  including physical and psychomotor skills.
    -Conducting regular research dealing with the special health and social problems of the  Sweileh community (population about 40.000).
    -Training and managing 6 staff members.
    -Participating in programming and managing of weekly training activities for the staff.
    -Assisting in staff recruitment and the drawing up of general policies for this project.
    -Conducting the assessment of children referred by other medical centers.
    -Developing public relations with NGOs, international agencies and ministries.
    -Promoting health education and awareness in the community.
    -Acting as reference support to the psychologist at the center for cases of children with  minor or severe psychological problems.
    -Developing and adopting guidelines system for the assessment and early screening of  child health deviations.

  • 1984-1986

  • Pediatrician, Infants Maladies Hospital, Paris- France.
    -Working in General pediatric service.
    -Conducting a study about intoxication's in children.

  • 1979-1982

  • Project Advisor in Community Development, pediatrician. Nazareth Pediatric Center, Beirut- Lebanon.
    -Working as a pediatrician at the center which was serving a popular area where both  Lebanese and Palestinian refugees benefited from the services provided by the center.
     My work at the center was during the civil war in Lebanon. I had to deal also with  physical and psychological traumas of Children due to this prolonged conflict.
    -Organizing regular training courses for the staff.
    -Organizing health education lectures in coordination with Lebanese NGOs.
    -Participating in the preventive health care programs in the Palestinian camps.
    -Participating in a post graduate training course at the American Hospital in Beirut.
    -Running of an emergency pediatric hospital during the siege of Beirut in 1982.

  • 1978-1979

  • Pediatrician, Berbir- Pediatric Center.
    -Participating in all the emergency treatments during the civil war, mainly in pediatrics.

  • 1977-1978

  • Director of Ain al-Helwe Community health center, Ain el-Helwe Camp, Lebanon.
    -Responsibility for setting up, planning and managing of an MCH clinic in Ain- al-Helwe  Palestinian refugee camp.
    -Conducting research work about the social and health situation in this camp.
    -Planning and running regular health education activities for the population.
    -Managing 4 staff members.
    -Participating in cultural and social activities with other NGOs.
    -This experience was published in a book entitled " Health and Social Conditions among  Palestinians in Lebanon".


  • 1977-1999
    writing numerous newspaper and magazine articles about different health issues.
    participating in several radio and television programs on a variety of health issues.

  • 1998 - ( in progress)
    preparing a series of TV programs designed for family education about children's issues: child's health, reproductive health, children's rights, etc.

     Publications          Top


    In Progress
    "Pediatric Drugs in Jordan": A complete guide to available drugs in Jordan.
    "Manual of Vaccines": A guide for primary health car workers.
    "Child Health booklet": A booklet designed for families. Aiming for the adoption of this booklet by the MOH for the benefit of all Jordanian children.

    "Child Health, A Mother's Guide": An educational resource for mothers, published by UNICEF's Jordan Area program and republished in 1992 by Almada Publishing House.

    "L'Oubli Rebelle": In French . Published by Harmatten. A literary work, my own testimony about life in war-torn Lebanon. Was also translated into Arabic and published in 1990 by Almada Publishing House.

    "Health and Social Conditions Among Palestinians in Lebanon": A field study about my research work in Ain al-Helwe Camp, published by Arab Studies Institute, Beirut, Lebanon.


    "children issues": by Dr. Francoise Dolto. Translation from french. A book dealing with child psychology and education. Could be of benefit for professionals and families.

    "The Normal Child": by Dr. R.Illingworth. A translation into Arabic of this medical book which is a reference book (712 pages) designed for pediatricians, general practitioners, nurses, teachers, families and primary health care workers.

    "Disabled Village Children": Written by David Warner, participated in the revision and adaptation of the Arabic edition,. Which is a manual for primary health care workers. Was published by ARC.

    "Days of Embers": This is the Arabic version of l'Oubli Rebelle. This book was translated from French.

    "We Can Play and Move": Written by Sophia Levitate. Participated in the revision and adaptation of the Arabic edition which was published by ARC.

     Lectures                Top


    1994 Paris Pediatric Days. Paris - France Participated at this medical conferenceertility.
    1992 Jordanian Syndicate of Doctors. Amman- Jordan Organized a pediatric health conference with the Jordanian Medical Association, presented a lecture about anemia's in children.
    1989 International Pediatric Congress. Paris- France participated at this congress.
    1989 ABC's of Genetics. Amman- Jordan.
    Presented a lecture about common genetic diseases in Jordan. Lecture designed for the public at Shoman Foundation.
    1994 Jordan- Swedish Seminar on Handicapped Children. Amman- Jordan. Participated at this conference which was organized by the Swedish- Jordanian Medical Association.
    1988 Arab Medical Congress. Cairo- Egypt Presented a study on early scrounge of physical and psychomotor deviations in preschool children.
    1988 Save Motherhood-WHO, Amman- Jordan participated at this meeting organized by WHO.
    1985 Child Health Seminar, Amman- Jordan presented a study about acute and chronic diseases in preschool children.


    As president of the Jordanian -French Medical Association, was responsible for the full organization ( fund raising, designing of programs, presentation, mass-media contacts, public relations, contacts with French doctors and authorities) of 5 Jordanian-French Medical congresses in Jordan.

    1991 French- Jordanian Pediatric Congress: where I presented a paper about the need for introducing screening tests for children in Jordan.
    1992 The Economic and Organizational Aspects of Health This congress death with different health and social insurance systems adopted world-wide and the options in Jordan for implementing such systems.
    1994 Continuous Medical Education This congress dealt with various systems of CME in the developed countries and the need for the implementation of such system in Jordan.
    1995 Genetics and Genetic DiseasesThis congress dealt with major genetic diseases, the prevention aspects and the need for public awareness in this field.

     Conferences          Top

     Social and Cultural conferences

    1986 Women's international book fair. Oslo-Norway, presented a paper on women and children in war in the Middle East.
    1987 Salzburg seminar: Human Rights Across Cultures and Political Systems. Salzburg-Austria, participated in the different activities of this international seminar.
    1993 Dialogue on refugees and displaced women in the times of conflict. Athens- Greece, conference on refugees, preparatory for Fourth Women's International Conference in Bejing.
    1994 NGO Forum. Amman- Jordan, presented a paper about women and children refugees in the middle east.This forum was also in preparation for Beijing.


     1. Jordanian - French Medical Association: President
     2. Jordanian Medical Syndicate
     3. French Society of Pediatric
     4. Arab Human Rights Association
     5. Arab Women's Solidarity Association
     6. Friends of Archeology
     7. Jordanian-Swedish Medical Association: Board member
     8. Arab Resource Collective, Nicosia: Board member
     9. World Organization for women in Science.
    10. Jordanian pediatric Association

     Awards                     Top

    Honorary Award
     Crown Prince "El Hassan Bin Talal Award for Academic Excellence" 1996 Award, for the    translation of the book " The Normal Child".
    French president Jaques Chirac Award" Chevalier de l'ordre National du Merite" (1997)    for my voluntary work as president of the Jordanian French Medical Association.
     Dr Mohamed Alramahi Medical Award 1998, in support of a health project that serve the    community. Awarded for my book" Children issues".

    Interests                       Top

    1. Translation of medical books or scientific researches in English Arabic & French.
    2. Consultant for medical and social field researches for Jordan or Arab Countries.
    3. Consultant in the field of child or mother health for Jordan or Arab Countries.


    P.O. Box 183 764 Amman - Jordan
    Tel: 962 06 5676 324
    Fax: 962 06 5695150

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