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Burgan Drugstores
Est. 1952 

Burgan Drugstores was first established in 1952 with sales activities in the H.K. of Jordan & West Bank of River Jordan. In 1989, new management take over resulting in the introduction of Strategic Professional Marketing Salesmanship programs. Intensive Professional Salesmanship courses given to all Sales Force. Continuous education programs addressing scientific & sales issues along with marketing analysis are held periodically. Regional networking for support & advisory committees. In 2001, staff number of 31 was found to be very efficient via a professional organizational chart.

Burgan Drugstores is actively and fully involved in all sectors of the Hashemit Kingdom of Jordan and has joint ventures in the Republics of Iraq & Yemen. Burgan Drugstores covers the most important of such sectors directly via its field sales force and via many other marketing techniques such as mail outs & e-mails by its office staff, exhibitions, seminars etc….

DETAILED INFO. ABOUT activities or products, could be supplied at any time….

 Agencies              Top

Dental Supplies

Cavex Holland B. V. -Holland (a wide rang of clinic materials).
Dendia -Werk GmbH -Austria (Burs).
Dentaurum -Germany (Orthodontics world leader & lab. supplies).
Frasaco -Germany (Teaching access. for dental schools).
Renfert GmbH -Germany (Lab. supplies).
Tiolox Implants -Germany (High quality implants).
Vita Zahntabrik -Germany (Porcelains leader).
Garreco Inc. -USA (Die stones & stones for Labs).
KERR- EC (a very wide of clinic & Lab products; leader in Endodontics).
Scitem- UAE (amalgam alloys).
Svenska Dentorama -Sweden (Clinic supplies).
 Clinical Lab & Diagnostics Supplies
DiaSorin (previously INCSTAR Corp.) -USA. 
DiaSorin (previously Sorin Biomedica) -Italy.
DiaMed AG -Switzerland (serology and blood typing reagents; breakthrough ID-Gel Microtyping system). 

 Radioactive & Nuclear Medicine Supplies

Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. -USA (Nuclear Med & Radiology Access.). 
BITT Technology -Austria (Aerosol Radiation Monitoring Stations).
Nordion- Belgium (Nuclear Medicine Generators & Isotops).  

 Hospital Supplies

HydraChem -UK (Water sterilization Effervescent Chlorine Tabs). 
Kosan Corp. -Japan (top quality Sphygmomanometers & Scopes).
LANTOR LTD. -UK (Orthopaedic Padding for undercast POP). 
Tosama Domzale -Slovania (Plaster of Paris gypsum & hospital disposables).


COX Pharmaceuticals -UK (Generic top quality pharmaceuticals).
Dr. Grossmann AG -Switzerland. 
Elpen Pharm. Co., Inc. -Greece.
Lab. Leurquin Mediolanum -France.
Solco Basle, Ltd. -Switzerland.

 Address       Top

Tel: +962 6 5337910
Fax: +962 6 5337909
P.O Box 773 Amman 11118 Jordan

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