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We aim to be a center of excellence in all aspects of health care by our commitment to a patient-focused approach, by using the latest scientific and medical technologies, and by employing first-rate medical staff to attend to your every need.

Amman Surgical Hospital is a leading Jordanian hospital specializing in aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, pediatric, and general surgery. Since its start as a private hospital in 1993, ASH continues to show a commitment to development and growth as it keeps abreast of the latest technologies, and has developed into a comprehensive diagnostic therapeutic center of excellence in every aspect of health care. Its main priority during the 21st century will continue to be the health and well being of patients and the people of Jordan, with a patient-focused philosophy.

ASH has grown vertically since its beginnings, from a capacity of 24 beds to 95 today. New departments, including obstetric and gynecology with the most up-to-date delivery suites, nursery, neonatal, pediatric and adult intensive care units, have been added. Amman Surgical Hospital team are pioneers in Special Endoscopic Surgery, they are the only hospital that perform Liposuction, Cochlear Implants and Corneal Grafts. The Amman Surgical Infection Control committee aims to provide the best prevention towards infection through a continuously monitored sterile environment.

The physicians practicing at ASH are recognized to have first-rate medical skills. Highly specialized nurses and midwives, and members of the medical administrative nursing and paramedical staff have been hand picked to deliver the highest standard of health care.

ASH is centrally air-conditioned with double-glazed windows, special laminar flow, and air filtration systems to provide a noise-free and controlled environment for your comfort. The hospital comprises four grand suites and 14 deluxe rooms, six first-class rooms, seven second-class rooms, and four third-class rooms, all equipped with private bathrooms and telephones as well as colored satellite linked television. Ample parking space is available either in the private parking lot located behind the hospital or in the public parking lot down the street.

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