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MedLabs Consultancy Group was founded in 1993 in Amman through the merger of four leading national medical pathology laboratories, and is today one of the largest medical laboratory companies in the Middle East . With more than eight years experience in the Jordanian and regional market, MedLabs has earned a reputation of excellence. Abiding by the regulations and prices of the Ministry of Health, and the Order of Physicians, MedLabs assigns itself two complementary roles: Quality and Service.

MedLabs' laboratories currently act as a regional referral center receiving test specimens from several medical institutions, both locally and from neighboring countries. Due to the use of leading-edge technology and computerization in its services, MedLabs processes the samples it receives both efficiently and economically at highly competitive prices. Most results are available within 24 hours from receipt of specimen. As part of its professional service, MedLabs also offers management consulting to medical laboratories and medical centers. MedLabs currently manages five national laboratories as well as an IVF center in Ramallah, West Bank.


MedLabs has eight core laboratories and five affiliated laboratories, as well as a centralized referral division, all supported by 14 highly qualified and experienced consultants and laboratory directors. These laboratories participate in a number of international quality control programs, thereby ensuring that the standard of quality within MedLabs is subjected to rigorous external scrutiny. The company's central management also runs an extensive internal Quality Assurance program that guarantees that the highest standards of laboratory practice and patient care are met.

List of Laboratories:

Zahran Central Laboratory.
Zahran Medical Laboratory.
Middle East Laboratory.
Doctor's National Laboratory.
Abdoun Medical Laboratory.
Doctor's Modern Laboratory.
Zarka Medical Laboratory.
Wehdat Medical Laboratory.
Al-Sahira Medical Laboratory.
Medical Surgical Center Laboratory.
Ryhan Medical Laboratory.
Luzmilla Hospital Laboratory.
Amal Hospital Laboratory.
Quality Medical Laboratory.
Biolab Medical Laboratory.
Irbid Medical Laboratory


MedLabs' test spectrum ranges from clinical chemistry to molecular biology - a field in which the company is expanding its services. MedLabs has an extensive molecular cytogenetic division covering Hepatitis C RNA and Hepatitis B DNA virus diagnosis by PCR as well as Oncogenes BRCA-1 and P53 to name a few. MedLabs also offers Chlamydia, HLA typing, Mycobacteria TB and more by PCR, in addition to the diagnosis of a number of hereditary diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis and b-Thalassaemia. MedLabs also prides itself on its leading cytology, histopathology and immunocytochemistry divisions.

Reach Us

For further information about the services offered by MedLabs Consultancy Group, contact our management center at the following address:

MedLabs Consultancy Group
P. O. Box 830200
Amman 11183
Tel. + 962 (6) 5922960
Fax + 962 (6) 5920796

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